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Unique Ayur Clinic is one of the best & No.1 Ayurvedic Sex Clinic in Bhubaneswar with expert ayurvedic sexologist doctor give the best treatment. This clinic is operated under the guidance of Odisha leading Sexologist Expert Dr. Kamalakanta Sahoo who is qualified serving for many years with the great result with ayurvedic treatment for any type of sexual disorder.
Dr. Kamalakanta Sahoo one of the most successful physician among "Ayurvedic Doctors" through out India regarding male & Female sexual disabilities. Dr. Sahoo gives own formulated ayurvedic medicines to cure and root out the diseases and makes the person to maintain a happy sexual life with full of pleasure. People suffering from Diabetics and Hypertension also find miracle results by taking Ayurvedic medicines from Dr. Sahoo. Every person knows "Dr. Sahoo" as a good Sexologist. One of the most important slogan from "Dr. Sahoo" is "BE SURE…MUST CURE…", which gives boosting power and increasing self confidence power of a morally depressed person regarding this matter.




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Loss Of Libido

It is a disorder that can affect men or women but for men, we talk about sexual impotence.


Semen analysis is an initial step in investigating why a couple has been unable to conceive a child.


While clearing one's bowels when semen starts passing before or after urination, it is called spermatorrhoea.


Chyluria, also called chylous urine, is a medical condition involving the presence of chyle in the urine stream, which results in urine appearing milky white.


Leucoderma is a cutaneous condition, an acquired condition with localized loss of pigmentation of the skin. stress.


Haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are swollen blood vessels in or around the anus and rectum.